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New Feature: Add Swipe Up to "View Shop" to Instagram Stories

Businesses and creators can add swipe up to “View Shop” to Instagram Stories. Before you begin: You must be approved for Instagram Shopping and completed set up before being able to add swipe up to “View Shop” to your stories. You can customize your Shop in Commerce Manager. During creation, you use swipe up to “View Shop” in addition to 1 product sticker. Add Swipe Up to "View Shop" to your Story
To add Swipe Up to "View Shop" to your Story: Tap and select Story. Add a photo or video to your story. Select the chain icon. Select Shop. To preview the Shop being featured, tap See Preview. Tap Done. Tap Send To and select your audience. Tap Share. #SwipeUp #ViewShop

Commerce Manager: Product Launch

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Commerce Manager: Orders, Returns & Disputes


Commerce Manager: Appealing Rejected Products


Commerce Manager: Insights & Account Health

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Commerce Manager: Reading Your Inbox


Commerce Manager: Adjusting Returns Options

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Commerce Manager: Adjusting Shipping Options


Commerce Manager: Setting up your Shop

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Commerce Manager: Setting up Promotions

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Introduction to Commerce Manager


New Feature: Swipe-up to Collection

If your business is using Instagram Checkout to feature products, you can add Swipe Up to your stories that will direct people to view a collection of your products. Add Swipe Up to “View the Collection” to Your Story 1. Set Up a Collection in Commerce Manager 2. Add a photo or video to your story 3. Select the chain icon 4. Select Shopping 5. Tap Choose Destination, then select Product Collection 6. Tap Choose Collection, and select the collection you'd like to feature 7. Tap Back twice 8. Tap “Done” #Collections #SwipeUp