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Getting Started Guide

Checkout on Instagram has become the next big revolution in digital shopping, allowing Instagram users to discover products, add to cart, place an order, check order status and cancel & return all without ever leaving the app. But, with new features being released each month, you may be wondering where to begin and how to optimize your investment. In this guide we’ll help you explore all things Checkout from working with creators to promoting your shop.

New Feature: Instagram Reels

Reels invites you to create fun videos to share with your followers on Instagram. Record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools. You can share reels with your followers on Feed, and make them available to the wider Instagram community through a new space in Explore. Reels in Explore offers anyone the chance to become a creator on Instagram and reach new audiences on a global stage. How to Create a Reel Select Reels at the bottom of the Instagram camera. You’ll see a variety of creative editing tools on the left side of your screen to help create your reel, including: Audio: Search for a song from the Instagram music library. You can also use your own original audio by simply recording a reel with it. When you share a reel with original audio, your audio will be attributed to you, and if you have a public account, people can create reels with your audio by selecting “Use Audio” from your reel. AR Effects: Select one of the many effects in our effect gallery, created both by Instagram and creators all over the world, to record multiple clips with different effects. Timer and Countdown: Set the timer to record any of your clips hands-free. Once you press record, you’ll see a 3-2-1 countdown, before recording begins for the amount of time you selected. Align: Line up objects from your previous clip before recording your next to help create seamless transitions for moments like outfit changes or adding new friends into your reel. Speed: Choose to speed up or slow down part of the video or audio you selected. This can help you stay on a beat or make slow motion videos. Reels can be recorded in a series of clips (one at a time), all at once, or using video uploads from your gallery. Record the first clip by pressing and holding the capture button. You’ll see a progress indicator at the top of the screen as you record. Stop recording to end each clip. Once your reel is ready, move to the share screen, where you can save a draft of your reel, change the cover image, add a caption and hashtags, and tag your friends. After you share your reel, it will live on a separate Reels tab on your profile, where people can find the reels you’ve shared. If you also share to your Feed, your reel will appear on your main profile grid, though you have the option to remove it. For more information on Reels, visit the official landing page here. #Reels #NewFeatures

Tips to Start Tagging: Live

SHOW YOUR PRODUCT IN ACTION WITH LIVE TAGGING With a reported 700 million users on Instagram each month, Instagram Live is not only a great way to interact with followers, but it’s also the ideal medium for demonstrating products. Here’s how to use Live Tagging: Note: you cannot add products during your live stream, so please make sure products are added before you go Live! Tap the Camera icon in the top left of Feed or swipe right from anywhere in Feed, then scroll to Live at the bottom of your screen Tap Shopping Bag to tag your product(s): search for product(s) to be available for purchase during your Live Go Live: Tap Live to begin your live stream Pin Product: during your live stream, you can pin up to 1 product at a time Tap the Shopping Bag icon on the bottom right of your screen Confirm the product you’re using by tapping Pin Once you pin a product your live audience can easily tap to buy Expert tip: To ensure shoppers are educated on how to buy, write a comment detailing step-by-step instructions and tap to pin it during your Live broadcast. #LiveTagging #InstagramLive

Instagram Shopping Holiday Guide

With the holiday season fast approaching, the Instagram Shopping team developed a suite of resources to help businesses succeed during one of the most unique holiday seasons yet. Check out this landing page to view all of the guides on topics like Ads, tagging products and more. #Guide #Holiday #InstagramShopping

Live Shopping Case Study: Dragun Beauty

*Originally published by Facebook. Dragun Beauty leveraged Nikita Dragun's avid Instagram community to feature her recently launched product during a Live Shopping experience. Nearly 43,000 viewers tuned in to get ready with Nikita and shop her look in real time. Not only did Nikita provide a tutorial on how to use the new product, but she revealed the backstory of why it was created and how it works together with other Dragun Beauty products to complete the look. @nikitadragun drove product discovery with 33,000 PDP impressions. Viewers added 5,000 products to their Shopping bags for later consideration, getting further down the purchase funnel. "I started my career on Instagram and my audience has watched me grow on the platform, as well as grow my business. I wanted them to have everything at their fingertips, so it was amazing being able to sell directly without having to leave the app." - Nikita Dragun, Founder, @dragunbeauty PRO TIPS Keep it real! When using Live Shopping, be your authentic self. Nikita maintained her signature style and sense of humor that her audience has come to expect. Dragun Beauty used the Product Launch tool to build excitement around the release of their newest Color Corrector. 3. Dragun Beauty posted in Feed and Stories continuing to familiarize their audiences not only with the product, but with the Checkout experience. 4. Founder Nikita Dragun used Shopping for Creators to promote on her handle via Stories, providing another opportunity for fans to purchase. 5. The Shopping for Creators enablement allowed Dragun Beauty to launch Live Shopping with Nikita Dragun as a way to show the new product in action. #LiveShopping #CaseStudy

How to: Create a Promotion

With the holidays fast approaching, chances are you're gearing up run to a promotion. In this article, we'll take you through the two ways to drive sales on Instagram Checkout. P​lease note: If you need to enter a coupon code to receive the sale price on your website, let your team at ShopRunner know so we can update our order placement instructions. / ​Option 1: Hardcode the Sale Price Change Update your Feed to add in a sale price Note: If you are using scraping instead of Feed, price changes will take up to 24
hours to be shown on Instagram. / ​Option 2: Add a Promotion in Commerce Manager Facebook currently supports a percentage off on either the entire shop or a
subset of the shop. How to Add A Promotion
1. Select Promotions > Promotions from the left navigation of Commerce Manager: 2. Create new promotion: 3. Select percentage off + run dates: 4. Select all Instagram products or create a product set of specific products for the promotion: 5. Name your promotion. Note: Customers will see this name on the Instagram post. 6. Review and Publish. #HowTo #Promotions #Promotion #CreatingASale

Collections Setup Guide

1) Log into Commerce Manager. You may need to create an account. 2) Navigate to Collections on the menu. 3) Click Create Collection. 4) Set Details: Set your collection details by filling in the below fields then click "Next". Name: You can have up to 20 characters (including emojis) for your collection name. Description: This is optional and can include a maximum of 200 characters. Cover media: This is what will be the Hero Image in your collection. We recommend you include at least one of the products in your collection at a 4:3 ratio with 800x600 pixel size. 5) Add Products to your collection. 6) Confirm your collection details. 7) Review: Once you confirm the details, the collection will be submitted for review. After you create a collection, Facebook reviews it to ensure your products comply with their Commerce Policies before customers can see them. Reviews are typically complete with 24 hours. 8) Navigate to the Shops section of Commerce Manager to add collections to your shop and customize the layout of your shop on Instagram. 9) User the Layout tab to add collections to your shop and arrange the order they appear. Under Featured Collections on the left side of the screen, select Collection 1. Then under collections on the right side of the screen click the bubble next to the collection you want to appear at the top of your shop on Instagram. Look under Shop Preview to see what your shop will look like. 10) Use the Style tab to update the appearance of the text and buttons on your collections. 11) Once you are happy with your layout and design, select Publish Updates.

Shopping Custom Audiences Setup Guide

1. Create a new Custom Audience in Ads Manager 2. Select “Shopping” to create shopping Custom Audiences 3. Select source (“Facebook Page” or “Instagram Account”) and account. 4. Select shopping event a. People who view products: This option is available globally b. People who added any products to their cart: This is available only to checkout enabled businesses, and only to consumers in the US. c. People who purchased any products: This is available only to checkout enabled businesses, and only to consumers in the US. Note: You can include more than one source if you select “Include More People.” For example,
you can create a shopping Custom Audience that targets people from both Facebook and
Instagram. In addition, you can create a shopping Custom Audience based on more than one shopping event (e.g. both add to cart and view product details). You can also exclude audiences. 5. Select “Create Audience” Shopping Lookalike Audience Setup Guide 1. Create shopping Custom Audiences based on people who purchased any products. See Shopping Custom Audience Setup Guide. 2. Create a new Lookalike Audience in Ads Manager 3. Select a shopping Custom Audience based on people who purchased any products. Shopping Custom Audiences based on other shopping events (e.g. view product and add to cart) are not eligible for creating lookalike audiences. 4. Select Audience Location 5. Select Audience Size 6. Select “Create Audience” #CustomAudiences #SetupGuide

Live Shopping Setup Guide

Before you go live: Make sure your audience knows when to tune in, by using the countdown sticker in Stories to promote your upcoming live shopping broadcast, then: Make sure you have added approved product(s) to your catalog with inventory; a product is approved to add when successfully added to your shop If you plan to tag products from a Collection, please make sure you’ve completed setup in commerce manager LIVE SHOPPING SETUP GUIDE Navigate to Live: tap the Camera icon in the top left of Feed or swipe right from anywhere in Feed, then scroll to Live at the bottom of your screen. Note: you cannot add products during your live stream, so please make sure products are added before you go Live! Tap Shopping Bag to tag your product(s): search for product(s) to be available for purchase during your Live Go Live: Tap Live to begin your live stream Pin Product: during your live stream, you can pin up to 1 product at a time Tap the Shopping Bag icon on the bottom right of your screen Confirm the product you're using by tapping Pin Once you pin a product your live audience can easily tap to buy Expert Tip: Engage your audience during your live shopping broadcast and make sure they know how to buy. Educate your viewers on how to make purchases by prompting them to "add to bag" and checkout, all while still watching your live, or write a how-to purchase comment and tap to pin it. #LiveShopping #SetupGuide

New Feature: Live Shopping

Live Shopping unlocks a new channel to share products with your audience. Now, you can tag products in your live broadcasts. This new feature is even more exciting as Facebook has reported a 70% increase in Live views as creators and brands alike embrace new ways of selling and influencing in our new reality of shopping reimagined. Live shopping helps you drive purchase consideration in an immersive new channel as you're connecting with your live audience. Live shopping provides your audience with a new way to support you where they already tune in to connect in real-time, taking impulse purchasing to a new level. With Live shopping you can tag products from your Facebook Shop or catalog before going live and those products will be shown at the bottom of the video for followers to easily learn more and purchase. For more information on how to setup Live shopping, checkout the guide here.

New Feature: Shopping Ads Overview & Landing Page

Promote organic Shopping posts to supercharge your Shopping strategy. Instagram Shopping ads leverage people's existing behavior by allowing them to "tap the tag" for more information about your featured product and how to purchase. Ads are available to Checkout enabled brands, but only for boosting content that was first created organically. Once content is organically created, you're able to put media behind it to increase distribution. As a reminder, in May, Facebook launched the ability to boost your Checkout content. As a follow up to that, they recently launched an Instagram Shopping Ads landing page which includes an overview, set-up guide, and FAQs for many of your ad related questions. Shopping ads can be promoted in Feed or Explore Why Shopping Ads? Amplify: Scale your shoppable content to reach more of your target audience using our ads targeting capabilities. Optimize: Choose a campaign objective that achieves your business's specific goal. Build: Test a variety of formats and objectives to begin creating a holistic Shopping strategy that works for you. For more information on how to setup Instagram Shopping Ads, visit the NEW landing page here. #ShoppingAds #NewFeature

New Feature: Shopping Notifications

Facebook launched a new set of Shopping-related Activity notifications to help shoppers keep track of updates from your brand. This is an opportunity to help build proactive shopping alerts for people interested in purchasing your products. New notifications include: Price drops on saved products Price drops on items in a user’s bag Product launches available from a brand someone follows Reminders of items left in a user’s bag Back-in-stock reminders on wishlist items At this point, these notifications are not customizable. Facebook will continue to launch and test new notifications over time to help people rediscover products from the brands they love. See how some of the notifications will appear below. #NewFeature #ShoppingNotifications #ShoppingAlerts