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Tips to Start Tagging: Live

Updated: Feb 3, 2021


With a reported 700 million users on Instagram each month, Instagram Live is not only a great way to interact with followers, but it’s also the ideal medium for demonstrating products. Here’s how to use Live Tagging:

  • Note: As of December 2020, you can now launch a product DURING a live! At the time of product launch, a 'confetti' effect will display and the countdown will change into an "Add to Cart" button, allowing viewers to shop and purchase the product, all without leaving the Live broadcast.

  • Tap the Camera icon in the top left of Feed or swipe right from anywhere in Feed, then scroll to Live at the bottom of your screen

  • Tap Shopping Bag to tag your product(s): search for product(s) to be available for purchase during your Live

  • Go Live: Tap Live to begin your live stream

  • Pin Product: during your live stream, you can pin up to 1 product at a time

  • Tap the Shopping Bag icon on the bottom right of your screen

  • Confirm the product you’re using by tapping Pin

  • Once you pin a product your live audience can easily tap to buy

Expert tip: To ensure shoppers are educated on how to buy, write a comment detailing step-by-step instructions and tap to pin it during your Live broadcast.

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