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New Feature: Shopping Ads Overview & Landing Page

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Promote organic Shopping posts to supercharge your Shopping strategy.

Instagram Shopping ads leverage people's existing behavior by allowing them to "tap the tag" for more information about your featured product and how to purchase. Ads are available to Checkout enabled brands, but only for boosting content that was first created organically. Once content is organically created, you're able to put media behind it to increase distribution.

As a reminder, in May, Facebook launched the ability to boost your Checkout content. As a follow up to that, they recently launched an Instagram Shopping Ads landing page which includes an overview, set-up guide, and FAQs for many of your ad related questions.

Shopping ads can be promoted in Feed or Explore

Why Shopping Ads?

  • Amplify: Scale your shoppable content to reach more of your target audience using our ads targeting capabilities.

  • Optimize: Choose a campaign objective that achieves your business's specific goal.

  • Build: Test a variety of formats and objectives to begin creating a holistic Shopping strategy that works for you.

For more information on how to setup Instagram Shopping Ads, visit the NEW landing page here.

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