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New Feature: Improved Creator Management

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

In the past, if you had a large creator network, it was a time-consuming process to add all of your creators in order to tag products from your catalog, track who you've added before, and review stats on their content.

To improve these processes, Facebook added a "Creators" tab under the "Promotions" section in Commerce Manager. From this point, you can manage the list of creators who have access to tag your products, suggest products for them to tag (bumps product to the top of their view when they are tagging), and the number of posts and stories in which those creators have tagged your products. This new tab also allows you to bulk manage creator access using a CSV upload. See the below images guides, and reach out if you have any questions about this improvement.

  • Bulk creator list upload: Grant creators access to your catalog so they can tag your products

  • Bulk suggest products: Make it easier for your creators to tag products that are most relevant to them

  • Creator insights: See total number of posts and stories with tagged products and audience size for each creator

Grant creators access to your catalog so they can tag your products. You can do this manually or in bulk if you have many creators to add. Bulk creator upload through CSV:

  • Download the CSV template

  • Click import file

  • Fill out CSV with creator IG handle(s)

  • Optional: Add product SKU(s) if you want to recommend products to creators

  • Important file to complete whitelisting

If you have certain collections you want to share with creators, you can bulk suggest product sets to custom creator lists.

Creator Insights available in Commerce Manager include:

  • Date the creator was added

  • Total creator posts with tagged products

  • Stories with tagged products

  • Followers

  • Products you suggest

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