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New Feature: Community Content

Community Content is a new feature that will help you bring authentic content being created everyday by your community to your product details pages (PDPs), and eventually in your shop. Engage with the people that already love your products and bring compelling content to your shop, inspiring people to make a purchase.

How to Request

What People See

The original content producer will be notified of the request, in their activity feed. If they accept the request, this new community content can be brought into shopping, on the PDP and featured in a section called “From the Community”.

See here for details:

Top FAQs for Businesses

  • Q: Does this permission allow me to use the content offsite?

  • A: The permission requested through the Community Content feature explicitly grants use on Instagram shopping surfaces only. This does not grant permission to use this content on any surface outside of Instagram Shopping.

  • Q: What happens if a user rejects my request?

  • A: If the original content creator does not approve the request, then brands will receive a notification that their request has been denied. In this case, the post will not be associated with the product, and will not appear on any Instagram Shopping surfaces. Posts that have declined permissions are not eligible to be requested again.

  • Q: What happens if the content creator changes their image after I've requested permission?

  • A: If the original content creator edits the image after it has been approved, then brands will be notified that the content has been changed. The status of posts and requests can be viewed via navigating to the Community Content settings manager, from "Settings" > "Business" > "Shopping" > "Community Content".

Top FAQs for People

  • Q: I don't want any of my content requested, can I turn this feature off?

  • A: Yes. First go to Settings > Privacy > Tags. On this screen you will see the option to toggle "Requests From Brands" on or off. You can choose to turn these settings on or off at any time. • For further details on how to manage this feature, please see the Help Center information here, on Community Content.

  • Q: I am a creator, and I am only interested in paid offers, does this feature allow me to monetize my content?

  • A: This feature enables brands to request permission to use content on Instagram Shopping surfaces. This does not constitute or support any exchange of value.

  • Q: I gave permission to a brand to use my content, but I've changed my mind. Can I revoke the permission?

  • A: Yes, you may revoke permissions at any time. In order to do so, go to the post you'd like to revoke permissions for, then tap the "..." icon at the top right of the post, which will open a menu of options. Select "Remove From Shops" from the menu. This will rescind permissions on the post and it will be removed from the brand's shop.


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