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New Feature: Collections

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Collections in shops let businesses customize the shopping experience, and curate products into themes that tell their brand story.

Customizable Experience: Shops are a place for people to experience the joy of shopping versus the chore of buying. Businesses can use collections to create a shop experience tailored to their followers.

Own Your Brand Story: People experience a brand's story across all of Instagram. Collections are a new way for businesses to own their brand story on Instagram by infusing their look-and-feel and tone of voice into a shop.

In Commerce Manager, you can create custom collections of your products that will live in your Shop on Instagram.

Shop Landing: Collections live at the top of your shop and feature the collection's name and hero image. Collections Landing: Inside a collection features the name, description, hero image, and selected products.

To setup Collections, follow our guide here.

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