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An Intro to Shopping From Creators

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Creators continue to change the way people shop. As a business that uses Checkout, you can approve creators to tag your products in their posts and stories, giving shoppers even more opportunities to discover your brand. In a recent report, four in five consumers said they’ve made a purchase recommended by an influencer, while 88% of consumers said they’ve been inspired to purchase based on an influencer recommendation. Selling directly through content creators on Instagram can boost your ability to capitalize on social media’s influence by making conversion simpler.

/ This feature will allow your brand to approve specific influencers to create content on their IG feed & stories that contain tagged products from your catalog, allowing their audience to shop from those posts with the in-app purchase experience

/ Once you add creators, you’ll be notified whenever they tag one of your products and can see insights to your brand content performance

  • To manage creators in IG go to Settings -> Business -> Shopping -> Approved Accounts

  • To manage creators in Commerce Manager using the left panel select ‘Promotions’ then select ‘Creators’

/ People to consider for access:

  • Creators you’ve worked with on past campaigns

  • PR/Gifting list

  • Publications you work with

  • Friends and family of the brand

  • Employees (founders, creative directors, key artists or stylists associated with the brand

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