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Live Shopping Setup Guide

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Before you go live:

  • Make sure your audience knows when to tune in, by using the countdown sticker in Stories to promote your upcoming live shopping broadcast, then:

  • Make sure you have added approved product(s) to your catalog with inventory; a product is approved to add when successfully added to your shop

  • If you plan to tag products from a Collection, please make sure you’ve completed setup in commerce manager


  1. Navigate to Live: tap the Camera icon in the top left of Feed or swipe right from anywhere in Feed, then scroll to Live at the bottom of your screen. Note: you cannot add products during your live stream, so please make sure products are added before you go Live!

  2. Tap Shopping Bag to tag your product(s): search for product(s) to be available for purchase during your Live

  3. Go Live: Tap Live to begin your live stream

  4. Pin Product: during your live stream, you can pin up to 1 product at a time

  5. Tap the Shopping Bag icon on the bottom right of your screen

  6. Confirm the product you're using by tapping Pin

  7. Once you pin a product your live audience can easily tap to buy

Expert Tip:

Engage your audience during your live shopping broadcast and make sure they know how to buy. Educate your viewers on how to make purchases by prompting them to "add to bag" and checkout, all while still watching your live, or write a how-to purchase comment and tap to pin it.

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