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Live Shopping Case Study: Dragun Beauty

*Originally published by Facebook.

Dragun Beauty leveraged Nikita Dragun's avid Instagram community to feature her recently launched product during a Live Shopping experience. Nearly 43,000 viewers tuned in to get ready with Nikita and shop her look in real time. Not only did Nikita provide a tutorial on how to use the new product, but she revealed the backstory of why it was created and how it works together with other Dragun Beauty products to complete the look.

@nikitadragun drove product discovery with 33,000 PDP impressions. Viewers added 5,000 products to their Shopping bags for later consideration, getting further down the purchase funnel.

"I started my career on Instagram and my audience has watched me grow on the platform, as well as grow my business. I wanted them to have everything at their fingertips, so it was amazing being able to sell directly without having to leave the app." - Nikita Dragun, Founder, @dragunbeauty


  1. Keep it real! When using Live Shopping, be your authentic self. Nikita maintained her signature style and sense of humor that her audience has come to expect.

  2. Dragun Beauty used the Product Launch tool to build excitement around the release of their newest Color Corrector.

3. Dragun Beauty posted in Feed and Stories continuing to familiarize their audiences not only with the product, but with the Checkout experience.

4. Founder Nikita Dragun used Shopping for Creators to promote on her handle via Stories, providing another opportunity for fans to purchase.

5. The Shopping for Creators enablement allowed Dragun Beauty to launch Live Shopping with Nikita Dragun as a way to show the new product in action.

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