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Turning Instagram Followers into Loyal Customers

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Shopping recently became faster, easier and more convenient with Instagram Checkout. With this newest feature, brands can effortlessly sell to customers in one of the most influential environments, instantly turning Instagram followers into loyal customers. Here are four reasons you should be considering Instagram Checkout for your business.

Frictionless Customer Experiences

As digital commerce continues to grow and shoppers become more sophisticated, the desire for instant gratification is becoming more relevant. 96% of customers indicate that ease of checkout and payment are important factors when choosing where to shop. Instagram Checkout helps to close the gap between an impulse to buy and purchase itself through keeping the entire path to purchase, from discovery to delivery, in a single location. With Checkout, shoppers also have the ability to save their information for easier transactions in the future.

Productive Partnerships with Creators

Creators continue to change the way people shop. As a business that uses Checkout, you can approve creators to tag your products in their posts and stories, giving shoppers even more opportunities to discover your brand. In a recent report, four in five consumers said they’ve made a purchase recommended by an influencer, while 88% of consumers said they’ve been inspired to purchase based on an influencer recommendation. Selling directly through content creators on Instagram can boost your ability to capitalize on social media’s influence by making conversion simpler.

Better Attribution with Shared Insights

Attribution challenges have long plagued marketers when it comes to measuring the ROI of social campaigns, especially true when measuring the success of influencer partnerships. With Checkout, all product posts that creators tag will automatically share relevant insights with you making attribution a breeze. Insights include:

  • Engagement metrics: likes, comments, shares via direct message, saves

  • Shopping metrics: product views, product button clicks

  • Discovery & reach metrics: reach, impressions

Platform to Launch New Product

Consumers follow brands to stay informed of the latest updates, including new product announcements. In fact, 90% of accounts follow a business on Instagram. As a brand that uses Checkout, you’re able to highlight upcoming launches on the “shop on profile” and “explore” shopping channels. The “shop on profile” displays upcoming launches first from the time it is published until 24 hours after the launch date. The “explore” channel allows brands to feature one product per day.


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