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Facebook's Top 5 Holiday Tips and Tricks

Below are Facebook's top 5 tips and tricks for holiday and post-holiday sales, with key instructional documents, compiled for your convenience.

We’re also excited to announce that you now have access to our new Shopping in Reels feature! This allows you to tag products for sale directly in Reels. With all of Instagram’s media formats now unlocked for Shopping, sellers can maximize their distribution across all of our surfaces!

  • Refresh Your Shop: Merchandise and share Top Picks via Collections The best way to help buyers find your holiday picks in your Shop and to improve your distribution in Instagram Shop is to create product Collections. Don’t forget to use our swipe up to Collections feature.

  • Make Your Products Tangible: Use Descriptions and Vivid Imagery in Product Details Product Titles: Use this real estate to reference Exclusives, Gifts WIth Purchase, “Buy One, Get One” offers or other noteworthy info the shopper needs to know. Product Descriptions: Make sure the shopper has the info needed to purchase with confidence. Sizes, Dimensions, Materials, Colors, Ingredients - all critical information that helps a shopper go from window shopper to buyer! Product Imagery: Show different angles, different color variations or lifestyle images to help tell the full story of the product.

  • Incentivize your Buyers: Use Discounts, Promo Codes & Rotating Banners in your Shop We’re actively investing in new features to help you drive sales on our platform. You can create direct markdowns, set purchase minimums, require a promotion code and more. Important note for third party platform sellers (ex: Shopify): if you create a custom discount (ex: a promo code) on the third party platform it will not automatically apply on Instagram as well. You would need to create the discount in Commerce Manager. However, if you set up a sale price in your catalog on a platform partner like Shopify, and then create a discount in Commerce Manager, you will be notified that you are applying a discount on top of sale pricing - at that point, you’ll see a list of impacted items and have the option to exclude sale priced items from discounts

  • Make it Fun: Use Instagram-exclusive Formats to Engage Buyers Create urgency and consistent shopping behavior by your followers on Instagram by launching promotions on a regular cadence that will be live for only 24 hours. Leverage the countdown sticker in Stories to drive excitement leading up to the promotion and be sure to use product tags in Feed and Stories using product tags during the 24 hour period. Create a custom discount code for your favorite creators to share with their followers during a Live on Instagram. Encourage the creator to focus on a single product that they love and be sure to tag the product using Live Shopping to direct followers to the product. Do you have a holiday video that racked up views last year? Tag “evergreen” IGTV videos with products. Make sure to tag a product in case it is resurfaced again this year! Use Reels to present your discount codes in a unique and engaging way for followers. Be sure to include a strong and specific CTA in the content or caption directing followers on how to use the code on Instagram by entering it at checkout. Now with Shopping in Reels available to all sellers, you can tag the product directly in your post.

  • Stay Top of Mind: Use Ads to Reach + Re-target Potential Customers Leverage our ads with product tags to expand the reach of your shoppable products and drive engagement! You can use any ad product (e.g., Dynamic Product Ads, ads with product tags) to target Shopping Engagement Custom Audiences, in order to re-engage your current shoppers and bring them back into the shopping journey. These audiences let you retarget shoppers that have viewed your Shop, viewed or saved a product, added to cart, initiated checkout, purchased, and more on Instagram.

To start promoting your products, visit Commerce Manager, learn more in our Help Center, or open the attached set up guide.

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