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Expert Tips: Launch a Product on Instagram

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Launching a Product on Instagram:

  • Build Anticipation: Leverage all of your channels (e.g. feed, stories, creators) to tease the product and features before launch

  • Educate Your Audience: Make it as easy as possible for people who are new to Checkout to purchase your product. Show them how to enter their payment information early so they can buy quickly and easily at launch

  • Consider Your Inventory: Prior to launch, consider the amount of inventory you've set aside for Instagram-specific purchases. If inventory is limited, be sure to monitor sales closely to ensure fulfillment.

  • Launch Loud: Utilize the hype and excitement around launch day to create content about the release.

Expert Tips for Success:

  • Make it Exclusive: Launching or offering a product exclusively on Instagram can drive urgency, with people understanding the limited window of opportunity to purchase.

  • Tease Early: Some product purchase decisions require more information and should have a longer pre-launch promotion than others. Higher priced products, multi-piece collections and varying size options all require additional consideration time

  • Communicate Clearly: Ensure that all promotional channels tell people where, when and how to purchase the product being launched. Include timezone specifics, purchase restrictions and any other details people need to know to purchase.

  • Collaborate to Create: Partnering with a creator to launch a custom product allows you to feed off of the hype of multiple fanbases.

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