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Expert Tips: Shopping From Creators

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Creators continue to change the way people shop. As a business that uses Checkout, you can approve creators to tag your products in their posts and stories, giving shoppers even more opportunities to discover your brand. Here are some quick tips:

/ Be Strategic: Shopping from creators should be one component of a rich, multi-channel campaign for your brand. Some creators may drive sales from your posts, while others may drive brand awareness or help with product positioning. Try different types of creators, big and small, to learn which strategies work best for your brand at each stage in the marketing funnel.

/ Leverage Your Creator’s Superpowers: Creators know their audience and style best - lean on creators’ expertise to create visuals and captions that feel authentic to them. Provide guidance, with room for them to apply their own creative lens.

/ Highlight New Products: Add products that you haven’t yet tagged in a post to your suggested product list, so that creators can tag them.

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