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All About Reels

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Shopping in Reels is a new way to share your favorite products, get discovered, and reach new audiences with short videos that entertain and inspire.

Why Use Product Tags in Reels?

  • Reach your followers and new audiences. Reels that feature product tags are viewable by your audience, but can also be discovered through both the Reels tab and Explore.

  • Create an entertaining shopping experience. With the use of music*, editing tools and filters, Reels now provides an engaging and entertaining video shopping experiences on Instagram. Note: Checkout is currently available to US-based businesses only.

*We recommend using the Reels music library and audio tools. To use pre-recorded audio, be sure you’ve obtained the appropriate license to avoid audio being removed from your Reel.

Shopping in Reels How-to

1) Tag products: Once you’ve recorded your Reel, tap on ‘Tag Products’.

2) Select products: Add product(s) you featured in your Reel. You can also tag product Collections. 3) Publish your Reel: Post to your Feed and share to Stories to promote your new Reel.

Make an Impact With Reels

  • Stay relevant: Reels is all about what is new and trending. When creating your Reel, try to focus on timely topics, themes and cultural moments that will resonate with your audience.

  • Surprise and delight: Pull the viewer in quickly and find ways to incorporate a surprise or twist into your content.

  • Be authentic: Organically weave in product tags when it makes sense, without becoming overly commercial.

Shopping in Reels Viewer Experience

Viewers can discover your video in Feed, on your Profile, via Explore, or the new Reels tab.

  • 1) Viewers can tap the Shopping Bag icon on the bottom of the screen to access your product list.

  • 2) From there, they can add products to their bag.

  • 3) When ready, viewers can checkout within Instagram.

Create an Optimal Shopping Experience For Your Viewers

  • Make sure viewers know how to buy. Show viewers how to make purchases by prompting them to ‘add to bag,’ and check out. In your description, remind viewers that your Reel is shoppable.

  • Consider similar products. If a viewer is interested in the sneaker you feature in your Reel, they may be interested in other styles. Make the most of that shoppable moment by tagging similar items.*

* Note: You can tag up to 30 products in each Reel.

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